We believe stories have the power to change perspectives and inspire action, that stories can bridge the gap between understanding and action.

That's why Impact Human uses photography, interviews, and policy research to educate the public on human rights and environmental injustices faced by communities coping with climate change and pollution.


Why us, why Storytelling?

We believe that stories instill empathy, and that awareness of policies drives engagement and empowers us all. By combining both, we believe we’ll see the change we so desperately need. Climate change is impacting us all and environmental pollution is devastating communities both near and far. Through interviews, photography, and policy research, we aim to add prescience to climate and environmental injustices happening around the world.


Focusing on the Human Dynamic

Through focusing on the human dynamic of climate change and environmental injustices, Impact Human is able to produce visual documentation and in-depth research on human rights concerns that affect us all. Our shared environment is just that, shared. What happens in one part of the world impacts everyone. At Impact Human, we document both visually and through interviews the people personally affected by our changing climate and human-caused pollution. By capturing the people and places affected by these new insecurities and providing impactful research on a case-specific basis, Impact Human aims to amplify awareness by bringing these unique stories to a wider audience. Only when we as a society can begin to grasp our effect on our shared environment will we change course.


Amplifying Voices

In order to achieve this, Impact Human launches media campaigns that amplify the voices of those affected, and provides clear, fact-driven research that aims to educate the public on these new and ongoing insecurities.


Not for Profit

Impact Human is a Brooklyn, NY based and New York State-registered not-for-profit organization. We are an IRS registered 501(c)(3) not for profit. All donations and contributions to Impact Human are tax-exempt.