What Now What: Change the Climate!
7:00 PM19:00

What Now What: Change the Climate!

The Event will feature art, music, performance, and organizations like us - working towards environmental and climate justice.

We'll be featuring one of our projects, taking questions, and informing attendees about our work and ways to take action.

Proceeds from the event will NOT go towards Impact Human. We're not headlining the show, but we're participating. If you want to make a donation to Impact Human, you can do so via our website.

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12:00 PM12:00

How to Fight for Climate Change


To help increase awareness on climate impacts and use this knowledge to frame conversations and actions around climate change. Increasing political efficacy on this issue despite the clear climate denial that will and has surrounded the Trump Administration.


These are things you can do to increase awareness on climate impacts and push for climate action.

  1. SIGN UP for our email list and follow us on social media to keep up with climate impacts and environmental injustices.

  2. SHARE stories of how climate change and environmental devastation are affecting communities, and tweet at Impact Human. By sharing these stories, you are doing your part to share these stories with your friends, and start the conversation.

  3. ACT:

    1. You can do things everyday to stop climate change in the things you buy, through recycling, and limiting the resources you consume. You can check out more ‘Resources’ on our website.

    2. Use ‘Resources’ on our website to keep up with Executive Actions and call templates for contacting your Legislators and Representatives about addressing climate change and climate impacts.

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