Defining the Issues

What is 'climate change'? What are 'climate impacts'?

  • Climate Change refers to the increase in greenhouse gasses (GHGs) like CO2 that trap heat inside our atmosphere.

    • Caused by us – pollution, emissions, and primarily from our use of fossil fuels

  • Climate Impacts are the observable effects on our environment of climate change.

    • Some examples of climate impacts and how these issues affect communities:

      • Ocean Acidification

        • Fisheries, local economies and livelihoods, coral reef loss

      • Drought

        • Agriculture, water security, desertification

      • Sea Level Rise & Erosion

        • Loss of land, property damage, aquifer contamination

      • Health

        • Mosquito born illnesses on the rise in new areas

      • Floods & Water Displacement

        • Destruction of property and crops, waterborne illnesses