Take the Impact Pledge.

I recognize that climate change is a real and serious challenge that will impact my life and the lives of others, both near me and around the world. I also recognize that pollution threatens the health and welfare of communities near and far. I am committed to building a sustainable and resilient future for myself, my community, and our planet.

I pledge to:


  • Study and understand how my community is already being impacted by climate and environmental risks by following local journals, newspapers, and organizations working on these issues


  • Spread the word - share climate and environmental facts with my networks on social media and in person


  • Contact my government representatives, community leaders, and public officials to let them know that our climate cannot wait – we need action and policies that plan for resiliency and promote environmental justice now
  • Ask my friends and family to join me in pushing for climate and environmental policy action
  • Prioritize sustainability at home, work, and school by striving to maintain a low-carbon lifestyle that combats environmental degradation
  • Ask my friends and family to join me in making sustainable everyday choices


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