Be interviewed by us.


What does an interview with us entail?

At Impact Human, we believe storytelling is a vehicle for social change and outreach education. We do that through photography, interviews, and policy research - to help increase awareness on how climate and environmental injustices are impacting communities.

In most cases, interviews should last somewhere between 20 - 40 minutes. You will be photographed, as photography is a key element to our work. All interviewees are required to sign and fill out a 'Photo & Interview Release' form on the day. This allows us to share your story and photos of you, making you a part of our novel work.

Sample Interview Questions:

  • Where were you when [event] happened?

  • How did [specific issue] affect you?

  • Are you or your family still affected by the impact of [specific issue]?

  • How long did it take for your family to recover?

  • Do you think your community was prepared for the [event / issue] before it happened?

  • Moving forward, do you think your community is better prepared for future [events / issues]?

  • What do you think could have been done to mitigate the impacts of [event / issue]?


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Current Calls for Interviews:

  • UPCOMING PROJECT: Land Loss in the Gulf. Summer/Fall 2019, we will be going to coastal Louisiana to interview people impacted by land loss. Every hour, Louisiana loses one football field worth of land. Affected by this? We want to hear your story. Contact us.

  • UPCOMING PROJECT: Miami King Tides. Spring 2020, we will be in the Miami-area to interview people impacted by sunny-day flooding, aka: King Tides. We want to hear your story. Contact us.

Not impacted by those issues?

We're always looking for new projects and new people to interview

If you’re interested in being a part of our projects and sharing your story with us, use our Contact form to message us, a member of our team will reach out to you to start the conversation. Environmental injustice and climate impacts affect us all in different ways. Below are some areas we keep a close eye on for potential future projects:

  • Climate Impacts: New Orleans and Sea Level Rise, Wildfires in the US (both Southwest and Southeast), Drought and Water Management, and Lyme Disease: Climate Fueled

  • Pollution: Deepwater Horizon Impacts, the Deadzone in the Gulf of Mexico, any oil pipeline / well spills, Pennsylvania’s Fracked Water, PFOA/PFAS, Flint Water Crisis and any Lead Water Crisis, and Water Pollution

  • Oceans: Ocean Acidification, Plastics in Our Oceans, Coral Bleaching, & Fish Die Offs