Future Projects


be a part of our next project. CONTACT US IF YOU WERE OR ARE STILL AFFECTED BY HURRICANE SANDY or any other issue relating to climate impacts and/or environmental degradation


Want to be a part of our next project?

Right now we are looking for interviewees related to the following project areas, both domestically and abroad. If you’re interested in being a part of our 2017 projects and sharing your story with us, feel free to use the Contact Us form on our website.

  • Climate Impacts: Hurricane Sandy, New Orleans Floods, Wildfires in the US (both Southwest and Southeast), & Fort McMurray Fires (Canada)
  • Pollution: Florida's Toxic Algae Bloom, Deepwater Horizon Impacts, the Deadzone in the Gulf of Mexico, any oil pipeline / well spills, Pennsylvania’s Fracked Water, & Flint Water Crisis
  • Oceans: Ocean Acidification, Plastics in Our Oceans, Coral Bleaching, & Fish Die Offs
  • Agriculture: Drought and Water Pollution